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Our Shampoo's

Our shampoos are gentle and will leave your dog’s coat smelling clean and fresh without stripping your dog’s coat of his or her natural oils.

Puppy Grooming

An introduction to grooming for your puppy. Your dog’s first full groom is not such a big deal if he or she is already used to having paws, ears, mouth and tail touched as they would be if being groomed.

Up to date equipment

We can offer the luxury of a therapeutic water massage hydro bath and a microchipping service.


Jilana is a great groomer, my dogs adore her. They always get very spoilt and come out looking lovely.

Ann West

Ann West

Jilana at Grooming Marvellous has groomed my cockapoo Toffee for 3 years now. It took me a long time to find a groomer who was happy to cut my dog the way I wanted it doing and not just giving her a standard poodle cut. As well as my list of requirements, on occasions I sometimes show Jilana photos of what I am after, non of this phases her! As you can tell I have high expectations but can truly recommend Jilana for her work.

Cara Doddrell

Cara Doddrell

Buzz always happy to see Jilana - comes out just right - fluffy and smelling lovely!

Liz Walker

Liz Walker

Pampered Pooches

Grooming News

New Tick Disease

From March 2016, it has been found that there is a new tick disease. Please be vigilant in checking your dog over for ticks after walks to prevent them from getting any tick related illnesses. Read more from the BBC by following the link: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-35815813

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